3D Holographic Newspaper Brands

 Hello and welcome to, a list site for future projectable holographic 3D newspapers and magazines in the United States. The "Holo" abbreviation is short for holographic or hologram.

 The original printed newspaper format is almost dead, but from their ashes will rise holographic 3D newspapers (HoloPapers) that can be projected via mobile devices such as augmented and virtual reality headsets, tablets, smart glasses, smartphones and smartwatches. This newspaper format will not only appeal to older generations but also younger generations that have only ever embraced news brought to them by the TV or a news site. The projected HoloPaper image could look like a classic newspaper or a standard computer screen that appears in 3D. This preference will be made by the user when reading.

 The HoloPaper will project the newspaper brands seen below in a heads-up format with what appears to be 2D type within 3D imagery. While the print is seen in what appears to be 2D the images will sometimes rotate in a 360 degree fashion. This rotation could be automatic or it could be controlled by the user in order for these images to be viewed from all angles.

 There will be both human and artificially intelligent authors (supervised by humans) that pen the articles seen in the HoloPapers listed on this page. Many of these HoloPapers will be free to the user and monetized via outside advertising. - Austin - Boston - Lexington - Atlanta - Chicago - Detroit - Minneapolis/St Paul - Tampa/St Petersburg - New England - 3D Classified Ads - Denver/Aurora - San Francisco - Jacksonville - Washington DC - HoloDecor will be a holographic 3D decor magazine. - A holographic magazine that will feature an array of topics for both men and women. - Indianapolis - Houston - Dallas/Fort Worth - San Antonio El Paso - Miami - New York - A future 3D food magazine. - Nashville - Philadelphia - Charlotte - Salt Lake - Phoenix - Pittsburgh - Honolulu and all of Hawaii - Kansas City - Worldwide news - Las Vegas - Columbus - Baltimore - St Louis - New Jersey - Milwaukee - Seattle - Los Angeles - Orange County - San Diego - 3D classifieds - Silicon Valley

 As you can see this proposed distribution of these HoloPaper brands covers a large swath of this country and the list seen above will only grow from here. In the coming years all major newspaper brands will require a 3D presence in order to survive and thrive.

 The HoloPaper brands listed above will also be used to promote (robot sports entertainment), (travel), and (3D sites) for cross- promotional purposes.